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Workplace Violence in Texas
Workplace Violence in Texas

What is workplace violence? Is it when a boss gets physical with one of his juniors? Is when a fight breaks out between coworkers? Or, is it when an employee’s angry ex-husband enters the building with a gun and starts shooting anyone in his path? Actually, workplace ...

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  • What Counts as Police Misconduct?

    In our experience, the vast majority of people who work in law enforcement are good individuals who perform their very difficult jobs to the best of ...

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  • When Can I Ask for a New Trial?

    Let’s say you are facing criminal charges and instead of pleading guilty or taking a plea bargain, you decide to take your chances at trial. But what ...

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  • What Is a Motion to Suppress?

    One of the tools of the criminal attorneys is the motion to suppress evidence, which is requested by the defense, asking the judge to exclude specific ...

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  • Police Lineups in Texas

    We’ve all seen police lineups depicted on film and TV. A victim or eye witness is brought into the police station where he or she is taken to a small ...

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  • Will I Have to Give a Sample of My DNA in Texas?

    In the last decade, forensic science has seen sweeping advances in technology. One of the most incredible law enforcement tools to evolve in the last ...

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  • What is Bond Forfeiture?

    Article 17.02 of the Code of Criminal Procedure defines bail bond as, “a written undertaking entered into by the defendant and the defendant’s ...

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  • Criminal Record Checks in Texas

    Are you facing criminal charges in Texas? Or, have you been convicted of a crime and now you’re wondering who has access to your criminal record ...

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  • Can Court Fines Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

    Are you facing criminal charges in Texas? If you are convicted of a crime, you will be subjected to a fine, which depending on the facts of the case, ...

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  • Should I Represent Myself in Court?

    Suppose you’re facing criminal charges in Texas. You’re a smart person. You are literate and you can navigate the internet well, or so you think. Do ...

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