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Carnival Worker Charged With Drug Possession
Carnival Worker Charged With Drug Possession

A carnival worker from Texas was arrested for having crack cocaine shipped to his address inside a doll. The 55-year-old individual was arrested during the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls after the authorities intercepted his package containing the doll. The children's toy ...

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  • New Drug on the Market in Texas

    The Texas DEA says that there is a new drug on the market that is sending individuals in the area to the emergency room with serious side effects. ...

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  • 16 Arrested in East Texas Drug Ring Case

    Federal prosecutors say that at least 16 people have been arrested in connection with an investigation in an East Texas drug trafficking ring. The ...

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  • Liquid Meth: A Dangerous New Texas Drug

    According to The Observer, a liquid meth is a new trend among teens in Texas that is causing abnormal behavior and addiction. Teachers at Texas City's ...

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  • Over 30 Arrested for Prescription Drug Fraud in El Paso

    According to the El Paso Times, over 30 people were recently arrested after being involved in a prescription drug fraud scheme. The El Paso County ...

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  • Border Drug Busts Strain Texas Budget

    The DEA is focused on intercepting drug rings and arresting those who are dealing illegal narcotics within the state of Texas. Because of this, they ...

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  • Drug Manufacturer Warned of Safety Violations

    When people think of drug crimes , they usually evoke visions of people dealing illegal narcotics. Yet there is another type of drug crime that is not ...

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  • Meth Possession: The Penalties and Procedure

    Methamphetamines are a major problem in Texas. This high-impact drug can be created and consumed in a residential kitchen and anyone with the right ...

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  • The Meth Problem in Texas

    Recently, anti-drug forces discovered a pathway used by meth smugglers to bring thousands of pounds of the dangerous drug into the United States and ...

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  • Drug Crime in Texas: How the Navy is Involved

    Most drug crimes in Texas are tied to drug rings which originated in the border country of Mexico. Across the border many drug lords and their gangs ...

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