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  • Step 5: Other Work
    Step 5: Other Work

    Once you have proven that a person had substantial gainful activity, the claimant has a severe impairment that meets certain duration requirements , the impairment is contained within the " Listing of ...

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  • Step 2(a): Duration Requirement
    Step 2(a): Duration Requirement

    Earlier, we noted that in order for a disability to meet the requirements of the Social Security Act, the impairment must be severe. Related to this, is the requirement that the disability continue to ...

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  • Step 2: Defining Severe Impairments
    Step 2: Defining Severe Impairments

    As previously noted, there is a five-step process regarding a person's claim of disability . We have also provided a detailed overview of the standards used to determine what is and what is not " ...

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