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  • Enhanced Penalties for Texas Crimes
    Enhanced Penalties for Texas Crimes

    Are you, or someone you love facing criminal charges in Plano, Dallas or anywhere else in Texas? If so, you will be interested in learning how criminal offenses are classified and what factors lead to ...

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  • What is Tax Evasion?
    What is Tax Evasion?

    Tax evasion is where an individual or a business intentionally finds ways to avoid paying what would be their actual tax liability. When someone is caught trying to avoid paying their taxes in this ...

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  • Age of Consent in Texas
    Age of Consent in Texas

    The “age of consent” refers to the legal age to have sexual intercourse. If you are interested in a younger person, or if you are dating someone who is younger than you, it’s a good idea to find out ...

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  • Cybercrimes in Plano, Texas
    Cybercrimes in Plano, Texas

    As our society becomes more technologically advanced, cybercrime becomes a growing threat to individuals, businesses small and large, hospitals, banks and other organizations. Since cybercrime is such ...

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  • Crimes That Lead to Deportation
    Crimes That Lead to Deportation

    When an immigrant is in the United States, they are at risk of being deported if they commit certain crimes and if they violate U.S. immigration laws. Even if an immigrant has obtained permanent ...

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  • FBI and Cyber Crime
    FBI and Cyber Crime

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the lead federal agency in charge of investigating cyber attacks by criminals and terrorists. The FBI considers cyber crime “incredibly serious – and ...

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