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Can the Police Search Through your Trash for Evidence of Drug Use?
Can the Police Search Through your Trash for Evidence of Drug Use?

If you are suspected of a drug crime, the police legally have the right to search through your trash for evidence. Currently, the U.S. laws declared that there is no expectation of privacy in any trash that was put out by the curb. This means that law enforcement can search ...

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Blog posts in Fourth Amendment

  • What Does The Phrase Specific And Articulable Facts Mean?

    In the course of a motion to suppress the physical evidence that is seized during a pat-down search (Terry stop), there will be a number of phrases ...

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  • Does The Fourth Amendment Protect An Individual's Privacy In The Workplace?

    This a question that we often get asked. Remember, the Fourth Amendment protects ones privacy from government intrusion. Generally, absent a promise ...

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  • Can The Police Search For Anything During An Investigative Detention?

    The basis for a stop-and-frisk search is that the officer must be certain that he or she is not in danger. Thus, the law allows them to conduct ...

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  • Does Terry v. Ohio Allow The Police To Conduct A Search?

    As we noted earlier, depending on all of the circumstances, the police can be suspicious that a crime is occuring or is about to occur. In that ...

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  • What Does An Officer Need To Have To Conduct An Investigative Detention?

    In the last 50 years, there has been a number of substantial cases issued by the United States Supreme Court that effected criminal jurisprudence. The ...

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  • What Is An Investigative Detention?

    As we continue to analyze the kinds of encounters between the police and an average citizen, lets refresh where we are. Yesterday, we addressed the ...

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  • Prior Convictions For Narcotics Can Be Used As A Factor To Establish Reasonable Suspicion To Engage In Further Questioning

    The Fourteenth District Court of Appeals at Houston recently handed down an opinion that provides an interesting twist in Fourth Amendment ...

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