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  • Link Between Drugs & Crime
    Link Between Drugs & Crime

    There are a number of ways that drugs are linked to crime in Texas and throughout the United States. In the U.S., it’s illegal to possess, use, manufacture, sell or distribute drugs that have a high ...

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  • Human Trafficking in Texas
    Human Trafficking in Texas

    Human trafficking is recognized as a form of “modern-day slavery.” Kevin Bales from Free the Slaves says it involves controlling someone through violence, psychological coercion, economic ...

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  • Immigrants and Human Trafficking
    Immigrants and Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, and it exists in Texas. Unlike smuggling where people illegally bring immigrants into the United States, human trafficking is an exploitation crime. ...

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  • Plano Man Charged With Human Trafficking
    Plano Man Charged With Human Trafficking

    A Plano man was arrested and indicted on felony charges alleging that he was operating a brothel out of his Plano residence and lured a teenage girl away from her home in El Paso and forced her to ...

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