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  • Sealing of Juvenile Records
    Sealing of Juvenile Records

    If you’re a parent of a minor child who has gotten into trouble with the law, you’re probably very concerned about their juvenile records and how they can impact your child’s future. If you’re like ...

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  • Sealing Juvenile Records in Texas
    Sealing Juvenile Records in Texas

    Youth are known for making mistakes. Sometimes, it’s because of peer pressure. Sometimes, it’s because a youth doesn’t understand the consequences of their choices. Sometimes, a teenager is simply ...

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  • About Texas Expunctions
    About Texas Expunctions

    Just about all of us have made a bad mistake before. Sometimes we were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or we misjudged others’ character and spent time with the wrong people. Unfortunately for ...

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  • Juvenile Justice in Texas
    Juvenile Justice in Texas

    If you are a parent whose son or daughter has gotten in trouble with the wrong side of the law, you probably have a lot of questions , and reasonably so. Here, we wanted to give you a quick ...

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  • Parental Responsibility Laws in Texas
    Parental Responsibility Laws in Texas

    As a parent, you’re probably aware that you’re legally and morally responsible for many, if not all, of your child’s actions. When your child is young, this is not a big deal, but when he or she ...

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  • Can the Public Attend Texas Court Proceedings?
    Can the Public Attend Texas Court Proceedings?

    Are you a crime victim who is interested in attending a court proceeding? Or, are you a family member of a crime victim, or even the accused who has a court date coming up? If you are any of these ...

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