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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers are required to exercise reasonable care when operating a vehicle and follow all traffic laws, especially when there are pedestrians around. Pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles are quite devastating because walkers, joggers, and even cyclists are completely ...

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Blog posts in Pedestrian Accidents

  • Drunk People Wandering in the Streets of Texas?

    We all know that drinking and driving can get you a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge, but it can also be deadly. And try and sleep it off in ...

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  • Where Can I Ride a Motorized Scooter in Plano?

    Bike and scooter sharing have increased in popularity and for good reason. Bikes and motorized scooters are a lot more affordable than standard ...

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  • Yielding to Pedestrians in Texas

    The term “pedestrian” refers to people who are walking or otherwise “on foot.” When you’re the one behind the wheel, you should always be on the ...

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  • When a Pedestrian Breaks the Law, Who’s at Fault?

    A lot of drivers assume that if they were to strike a pedestrian in the road, the accident is the driver’s fault, no questions asked. But what if the ...

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  • How Many Pedestrian Fatalities Occur Each Year?

    Not every person may drive or hold a driver’s license, but one thing is for sure – after about the age of 12 months, we are all pedestrians. What is a ...

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  • Does Uninsured Motorist Cover Pedestrians?

    Every state requires that drivers purchase auto insurance as a condition of driving and registering their vehicle. Some states also require that ...

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  • Pedestrians' Right of Way at Crosswalks

    There are crosswalks all over the place; their purpose is to protect pedestrians from being hit by cars. In Texas, drivers must yield the right of way ...

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  • Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way in Texas?

    Most licensed drivers have heard about pedestrians having the right of way. But is this true 100% of the time? What if a pedestrian jaywalks and the ...

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  • Can a Pedestrian Be At Fault for an Accident?

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “Pedestrians always have the right of way,” but does that mean that drivers are always held legally liable in all ...

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