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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim if I Was Assaulted?
Can I File a Personal Injury Claim if I Was Assaulted?

There are several different kinds of personal injury cases that are common, such as car accidents , bicycle accidents , pedestrian accidents , drunk driving accidents , slip and fall accidents , nursing home abuse , medical malpractice , and wrongful death . All of the above ...

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  • Can a Sexual Assault Victim File a Personal Injury Claim?

    When people are victims of sexual assault , they usually know they can report the assault to the police and see if the offender can be arrested, taken ...

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  • What Are Compensatory Damages in a Personal Injury Case?

    When someone files a personal injury claim after a car accident , a motorcycle accident , a slip and fall accident , a dog bite or attack, or any ...

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  • Can Physical Evidence Help My Personal Injury Case?

    You’re probably very familiar with the criminal justice system and how so much of a case depends on physical evidence. For example, if detectives ...

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  • Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be Taxed?

    Upward of 90 percent of personal injury cases are settled before they ever make it to trial. Even when a case does make it to trial, quite often both ...

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  • When Can a Patient Sue a Hospital?

    Hospitals can be very chaotic environments. But even when they aren’t chaotic, mistakes can still happen. Unfortunately, medical mistakes and medical ...

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  • Compensation for Sexual Assault Victims in Texas

    Every state has its own definition of “sexual assault.” Often, sexual assault is an umbrella term for molestation, rape, and other sexual acts that ...

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  • Pain & Suffering Defined

    When you think about a personal injury case, your mind may go to compensation for property damage ( car accidents ), medical bills, and lost income. ...

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  • Can I File a Claim for Falling Merchandise in Texas?

    If you’re like most people, you go shopping every week. Your trips may include a visit to the local Trader Joe’s, H Mart Plano, Central Market, Market ...

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  • Amusement Park Accidents in Texas

    Amusement parks can be loads of fun for people of all ages and in Texas, we have no shortage of them. From Galveston Island Pier to Kemah Boardwalk ...

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