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What Happens When a Trespasser Is Injured?
What Happens When a Trespasser Is Injured?

Trespassing is a serious crime. When someone enters a property without permission, they may be guilty of several crimes, including burglary. However, trespassers still have certain protections under the law. If a trespasser is injured on a property, it may be the fault of ...

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  • Suing for a Hazing Injury

    Hazing is a way of ritualistically inducting new members into an organization. In media and pop culture, it is often associated with college ...

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  • Injuries You Could Sustain from a Dog Bite

    In legal terms, a dog bite is more than just the bite itself. If you were injured by the animal in any way, you could have grounds to sue its owner. ...

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  • Can I File a Premises Liability Suit if I’ve Been the Victim of a Crime?

    Premises liability is a kind of civil lawsuit where you sue a property owner after being injured on their property. Typically, successful premises ...

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  • Can You Sue Someone for Sexual Assault if They Have Already Been Convicted?

    If you’ve been the victim of any kind of violent attack, especially a sexual assault, you know how traumatic the experience is. In addition to the ...

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  • How Is Liability Determined in a Dog Bite?

    When you’re the victim of a dog bite, it may be difficult to determine who to blame. Certainly, the dog committed the act, but you can’t sue an ...

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  • 5 Tips Every Driver Should Know About Parking Lot Safety

    It may seem like an unlikely place to crash, but parking lots can pose serious safety hazards. Even though cars likely aren’t whipping around the lot ...

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  • Compensation for Serious Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine

    Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine & Potential Legal Remedies President Biden recently announced that all US adults could have access to COVID-19 ...

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  • Is Personal Injury Mediation Right for You?

    How Personal Injury Mediation Works Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that helps parties resolve a legal dispute without going to ...

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  • Attractive Nuisance & Premises Liability

    Property owners owe a duty of care and safety to any guests on the premises, except for flagrant trespassers. So, if a trespasser suffers an injury on ...

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