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When Are Vehicle Searches Legal?
When Are Vehicle Searches Legal?

Usually when a traffic stop is initiated for a moving violation, expired registration, or a broken taillight, it ends with a warning or a citation and the rattled motorist drives away when it’s over. Occasionally something in the vehicle will catch the officer’s eye, and ...

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  • When Do Police Need a Search Warrant?

    Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, citizens are entitled to privacy when they have an expectation of that privacy. Law ...

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  • The Use of Drug Dogs in Texas Cases

    Drug dogs are canines that are used to help sniff out illegal narcotics. They are frequently used by the DEA in drug busts. The Supreme Court ruled in ...

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  • Can the Police Search Through your Trash for Evidence of Drug Use?

    If you are suspected of a drug crime, the police legally have the right to search through your trash for evidence. Currently, the U.S. laws declared ...

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  • Former Police Officer And Wife Indicted On Prescription Fraud

    An officer for the Nashville Metro Police Department and his wife have been indicted on prescription drug fraud charges. His wife is charged with 16 ...

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  • Marijuana Charges Dismissed In San Francisco After Police Testimony Contradicts Video Evidence

    McLaren Wenzell, 23, was arrested on March 1 after a police search revealed four pounds of marijuana . As of right now, there is a scandal in San ...

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  • Former District Attorney Sentenced To 180 Days In Jail As A Condition Of Probation

    Joe Frank Garza, former Jim Wells County District Attorney, will be forced to spend 180 days in the Jim Wells County Jail. This will be apart of his ...

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  • Prior Convictions For Narcotics Can Be Used As A Factor To Establish Reasonable Suspicion To Engage In Further Questioning

    The Fourteenth District Court of Appeals at Houston recently handed down an opinion that provides an interesting twist in Fourth Amendment ...

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