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  • Link Between Drugs & Crime
    Link Between Drugs & Crime

    There are a number of ways that drugs are linked to crime in Texas and throughout the United States. In the U.S., it’s illegal to possess, use, manufacture, sell or distribute drugs that have a high ...

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  • Human Trafficking in Texas
    Human Trafficking in Texas

    Human trafficking is recognized as a form of “modern-day slavery.” Kevin Bales from Free the Slaves says it involves controlling someone through violence, psychological coercion, economic ...

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  • Defining Public Lewdness
    Defining Public Lewdness

    While a little “peck” may not be a big deal, if a couple takes their zest for each other too far in public, they could be arrested and criminally charged in Texas. It doesn’t matter if a couple is ...

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  • Penalties for Rape in Texas
    Penalties for Rape in Texas

    We’re all familiar with the term “rape” and what it implies, so how does the state of Texas punish those who commit the offense of rape? Instead of rape, Texas uses the term “ sexual assault ” which ...

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  • What is Date Rape?
    What is Date Rape?

    While date rape can apply to people of all ages, more often than not, it’s teens and college students who are accused of date rape. Since the whole concept of “date rape” can be confusing for high ...

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  • About Texas Sex Offender Registration
    About Texas Sex Offender Registration

    In Texas, when individuals commit certain sexually-motivated crimes, they will be required by law to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, commonly referred to ...

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