Plano Arson Defense Attorney

Given its potential to cause extensive harm, arson is a serious criminal offense that can pack devastating criminal penalties. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors work diligently to convict offenders and often push for the most severe of penalties. If you or a loved one currently stands accused of arson in Plano or any of the surrounding communities, taking preemptive measures to protect your rights, freedom, and future is of vital importance.

By working with an experienced Plano arson defense attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, you can equip yourself with vigorous representation to reduce your risk of suffering the most serious consequences.

Have You Been Accused Of Committing Arson?

Arson charges can entail a number of circumstances. Although the events surrounding the alleged charge can impact the type of offense and penalties you face, all arson charges generally arise when a person starts a fire or causes an explosion with intent to destroy or damage property or wildlife. Damages do not necessarily have to occur in order for one to face these allegations. According to §28.02 of Texas Statutes, charges can arise if the following are affected:

  • Vegetation or property on open-space land
  • Any building, structure, habitation (i.e. home), or vehicle

Arson is a felony, meaning that convicted offenders face considerable fines and imprisonment terms. Prosecutors also often push for enhancements when arson is committed to defraud insurance companies, when injuries or death occur, and in other certain circumstances. Unless arson causes injury or death to another person, these charges are usually prosecuted as state jail, second-degree, and third-degree felonies, depending on the unique factors involved in the case. In addition to fines, terms of imprisonment for these felonies include up to 2 years for a state jail felony, up to 10 years for a third-degree felony, and up to 20 years for a second-degree felony.

Discuss Your Case With A Dedicated Legal Advocate

Our Plano arson lawyers are prepared to help you understand the unique charges you face and the ways in which we can fight to preserve your freedom. A former prosecutor, Attorney Jason Zendeh Del contributes a level of insight and experience to our practice that allows us to successfully defend against even the most serious allegations. Should you or your loved one be facing any type of arson charge, place your trust in a firm that is capable of producing the results you require. Contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, today to take the first step in your defense.