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The Right Help When You Are Accused Of A Crime

When facing serious criminal charges, you need to understand your legal rights and all the potential consequences. With so much on the line – jail or prison time, steep fines, strict probation, driver’s license suspension, the future impact on employment – you need solid advice and every edge you can get.

The criminal defense team at Zendeh Del Law Firm works with you to protect your rights and limit the damage. Jason Zendeh Del is a seasoned defense attorney and former prosecutor. He will do everything in his power to get the charges dismissed or position you for a favorable outcome.

Charged with a crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Call now at 888-4-ZEN-LAW for proactive and hard-hitting representation.

How A Former Prosecutor Can Help You

Texas is known for its harsh criminal justice system. This is the last place you want to attract the scrutiny of law enforcement. Jason Zendeh Del brings unique experience to his clients’ defense. He formerly served many years as a prosecuting attorney for the state of Texas, where he personally handled thousands of criminal cases.

As a former successful prosecutor, he has an overwhelming advantage over the average defense attorney. He has an intimate understanding of exactly how the prosecution thinks and acts. He uses those insights to search for holes in the government’s case and maneuver for the best result. The benefits of being represented by a lawyer who has worked on “the other side” are immeasurable.

Experienced Defense For Any Criminal Charges

Jason Zendeh Del practices strictly in criminal defense, with a record of notable results in a wide range of cases. He has experience in every venue, from federal criminal charges and state crimes to the juvenile justice system and municipal court misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

He is equipped for a skilled and vigorous defense no matter what charges you face:

Put Your Future In Our Hands

We understand what is at stake. Zendeh Del Law Firm will pursue every possible angle in your defense. You need an attorney with the credentials and courtroom reputation to get the job done. Arrange a consultation today by calling 888-4-ZEN-LAW, or contact us online and give us a few details about your arrest or citation. We serve Plano, Dallas and the DFW area.