The Right Help When You Are Accused Of A Crime

When facing serious criminal charges, you need to understand your legal rights and all the potential consequences. With so much on the line – jail or prison time, steep fines, strict probation, driver’s license suspension, the future impact on employment – you need solid advice and every edge you can get.

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How A Former Prosecutor Can Help You

Texas is known for its harsh criminal justice system. This is the last place you want to attract the scrutiny of law enforcement. Jason Zendeh Del brings unique experience to his clients’ defense. He formerly served many years as a prosecuting attorney for the state of Texas, where he personally handled thousands of criminal cases.

As a former successful prosecutor, he has an overwhelming advantage over the average defense attorney. He has an intimate understanding of exactly how the prosecution thinks and acts. He uses those insights to search for holes in the government’s case and maneuver for the best result. The benefits of being represented by a lawyer who has worked on “the other side” are immeasurable.

Experienced Defense For Any Criminal Charges

Jason Zendeh Del practices strictly in criminal defense, with a record of notable results in a wide range of cases. He has experience in every venue, from federal criminal charges and state crimes to the juvenile justice system and municipal court misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

He is equipped for a skilled and vigorous defense no matter what charges you face:

Criminal Defense FAQ

What are the differences between a felony and a misdemeanor?

In Texas, misdemeanors are crimes divided into three classes (A, B and C) that could lead to less than a year of jail time and/or a fine not exceeding $4,000. Examples of misdemeanors in Texas include first-offense DWI , shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

Felonies refer to the most serious crimes under Texas law. Punishments may range from a year in prison to life imprisonment or even the death sentence.

Under certain circumstances, an individual could have a misdemeanor criminal record expunged. Expungement essentially means removing the conviction from your record. However, felonies are more difficult to expunge. Another vital difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is that a person convicted of a felony could be prohibited from voting or owning a firearm. A felony conviction can also result in restrictions on job opportunities and where the convicted individual can live.

What does the Texas criminal law process look like?

The process starts after an arrest or receiving a notification to appear in court. At this point, it is important to choose an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible to represent you. If you fail to appear in court, the judge will issue an arrest warrant against you.

The next step is the first court appearance to hear the charges. At this hearing, the judge may also determine bail. If bail is not granted, the defendant will have to remain in jail during the legal process.

During a preliminary hearing, a prosecutor will submit evidence to show there is enough evidence to bring a case against the defendant. This is also an opportunity for the defense to argue against the prosecutor’s case. If the defense is successful at this stage, a judge may dismiss the charges.

If the process continues, then pretrial negotiations will start. A criminal defense attorney may negotiate with the prosecutor for a plea bargain — perhaps involving reduced or dismissed charges — or the defense lawyer and prosecutor may agree on specific terms the defendant will have to meet in order for charges to be dropped or reduced. If the defense attorney and prosecutor cannot reach an agreement, the pretrial motions and hearings start. At this stage, a criminal defense attorney will file motions — for example, to dismiss charges due to lack of evidence or to suppress evidence or witness testimony . It may also be possible at this stage to reach a favorable plea bargain after submitting the appropriate motions.

If the prosecutor and defense attorney do not reach an agreement or plea bargain during the previous stages, the case may go to trial. IMPORTANT: It is always up to the defendant to choose to accept a plea agreement or go to trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise on whether a plea deal or a trial is appropriate in your case.

Why would I need an attorney if my case seems straightforward?

You have a right to be heard before a court, regardless of how hopeless you think your case is. An experienced criminal defense attorney can negotiate more favorable terms with the prosecutor to protect your rights. An attorney can also put your charges into a different perspective and look for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s arguments or faults in law enforcement’s actions. Remember, you have a right to fight the charge, and the best way to do that is to put an experienced defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

How long do criminal proceedings take?

This always depends on the specific facts of the case. Factors to consider include whether the defense attorney and prosecutor can reach a plea agreement, whether charges can be reduced or dismissed, and whether the case goes to trial. In addition, the defense may appeal a guilty verdict if doing so makes sense, and an appeal would extend the process. Whatever your situation may be, an experienced criminal defense attorney’s advice and representation are essential to understanding your rights and options, and what to expect from the process in your particular case.

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