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Our accomplished attorneys have successfully handled thousands of cases nationwide. Experience has taught us that we are able to obtain remarkable outcomes by working together as a team. Our approach is uncompromising and we leave no stone unturned. Our current and former clients include athletes, musicians, teachers, doctors, real estate developers, veterinarians, car dealers, dentists, police officers, lawyers, and even a Judge or two. From blue collar to white collar, celebrity to “average joe,” immigrant to natural born citizen, truck driver to race car driver. We represent the people and businesses that make up the great state of Texas.

Dismissed charges, not guilty verdicts

17 felony charges: Our client faced seventeen charges, including seven counts of sexual assault and six counts of burglary of a habitation, among several others. We were hired as co-counsel to defend the man accused of these crimes. After hefty collaboration and execution of our aggressive strategy, two of the counts were dismissed by a judge, and our client was found not guilty of the remaining fifteen charges by a jury of his peers.

Charges dismissed

2nd DWI: Our client was arrested for a 2nd DWI offense. Despite what seemed at the beginning to be a strong case on the part of the prosecution, we were able to have the charges against our client dismissed completely. Our client is able to have the arrest expunged from her record, as if it never occurred.

Case dismissed

Alleged defamation of character: A Plaintiff sued our client in Justice Court for alleged defamation. We got that case dismissed, successfully arguing the Court didn’t have jurisdiction to hear such a case.

Policy limit settlement

Bicycle accident: Just before Christmas, a careless driver hit our client who was riding his bicycle, causing him to need surgery. Our client’s Christmas plans changed, and he was miserable for months because of his injuries. We demanded and obtained settlement in his behalf for the full policy limits of the insurance policy in question.

Client wins benefits on remand

Disability denial: Our client had a plethora of orthopedic limitations, but a disability judge denied benefits. The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC filed suit against SSA in federal court, but SSA didn’t fight back. Instead, SSA asked the federal judge to remand that case. A different disability judge heard the case on remand, and declared from the bench that she would pay our client benefits.

Client awarded benefits

Doctor denies limitations: A doctor put several annotations in medical records that our client had no functional limitations despite a serious medical condition. We demonstrated that not only was the client’s treating doctor wrong, but that our client’s conditions were severe enough to qualify for disability under the SSA’s extraordinarily stringent listing criteria.

Not guilty verdict

DWI: Not many DWI cases make it to trial, and when they do, it can be hard to persuade a jury to rule in favor of the defendant. We presented an air tight case in defense of our client and were able to yield a not guilty verdict, exonerating our client of the charges in full. Per Texas law, a defendant is eligible to completely wipe the arrest clean from his or her record if the charges were dropped by the state or if the client was found not guilty be a jury of his or her peers. We were happy to have helped our client move forward in life freely from these events.

Charges dismissed

DWI: Weapons charges our firm represented a man facing DWI charges along with unlawful carrying of a weapon. We were able to have the charges against our client dismissed, allowing him to expunge the arrest from his criminal record.

Asylum granted

Federal removal case: Represented client in federal removal proceedings in the Northern District of Texas. Client voluntary assisted the United States Central Intelligence Agency in Europe a few years prior and was subsequently being threatened with assassination. Case involved highly classified information. Asylum granted by Federal Judge R. Wayne Kimball.

Reduced sentence, dismissed charges

Felony delivery of a controlled substance: Client charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance 4g – 200g, felony possession of marijuana 5lbs – 50lbs, and felony evading arrest facing minimum of 15-99 years on delivery case alone. Client received reduced sentence of 2 years, with dismissals on possession of marijuana and evading cases

Case dismissed

Felony grand larceny: Our client was accused of stealing over $200,000 dollars from a car dealership in Texas, which could have demanded up to 20 years in prison if convicted. We were able to dismiss the case before it made it to trial, showing that the prosecution did not have enough evidence against our client to even warrant a trial. Our client is now able to wipe his record clean from the charges completely.

Case dismissed

Felony possession of a controlled substance: Client charged with felony possession of a controlled substance (meth)

Client received DADJ on misdemeanor case only

Felony theft of firearm and possession of marijuana: Client arrested for Felony Theft of Firearm and Possession of Marijuana. Gun charge not filed, and Client Received Deferred Adjudication on Misdemeanor Drug Case.

All charges dismissed

Money laundering: Our client, a successful and philanthropic businessman, was accused of laundering money through a car dealership. He was originally facing decades in Federal prison, but our firm was able to show illegitimacy of the charges, leading to the eventual and complete dismissal of the charges.

Pretrial diversion

Money laundering: Our client was accused of money laundering and related federal criminal charges, but experienced criminal defense attorney Jason Zendeh Del was able to get a pretrial diversion for this client, even after a grand jury had indicted our client. Such an extraordinary outcome is virtually unheard of. We continued to fight for our client in a related civil case, appealing an adverse federal judgment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. We didn’t back down, fighting zealously for our client, even though the other side had hired some of the highest paid appellate lawyers in the country.

Clients awarded benefits without a hearing

No hearing necessary: Most disability claims are denied on initial review and upon reconsideration. The Zendeh Del Law Firm has persuaded disability judges across the state of Texas to award cases without even going to a hearing for clients with serious medical conditions such as cancer, ALS, and liver disease.

$57K in client’s pocket after bills paid

Pedestrian accident: Our college-student client was on her way to class when a cyclist hit her, causing her severe injuries and requiring surgical intervention. Several other lawyers turned our client down, but we got her a sizable settlement.

$150,000 settlement

Premises liability: Our client was in his apartment minding his own business when a bullet pierced the wall and caused him severe injuries. Criminal activity was occurring at or near an adjacent apartment. We fought zealously for our client, getting him a $150,000 settlement from the apartment complex.


RICO suit defended: Getting sued under RICO is the last thing anyone wants. The penalties for alleged RICO violations are massive, and successful Plaintiffs may be awarded attorneys fees and triple the damages proved at trial. We settled a case where our client was accused of RICO violations for a mere $2,000.

All charges dismissed

Sexual assault: F.W. was accused of sexual assault by his step-daughters, who alleged that he had sexually abused them over a period of several years. F.W. needed an aggressive defense to combat these extremely serious charges. After the legal team at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, compiled and presented evidence against the accusations, the Harris County Grand Jury voted to immediately reject the charges against F.W.

All charges dropped

Sexual assault: Client accused of sexually assaulting his foster child over a period of several years.

Conviction overturned, new trial granted

Sexual assault of a minor: Our client had already been tried and successfully convicted of sexual assault of child. Upon hiring our firm, we began an extensive investigation into the details of the case against our client, and showed an appellate court that our client deserved in a new trial. The previous conviction was overturned, and our client was released from prison pending the new trial date. Though they are too rare, we were thrilled to use the appellate court system in an event where a miscarriage of justice could be corrected.

Federal court remands case back to SSA

SSA ignores VA disability rating: The Zendeh Del Law Firm filed suit against SSA in federal court for wrongfully denying benefits to our client who was a veteran. The disability judge said the mental health impairments were not “severe” under SSA regulations, despite a significant VA disability rating mostly for mental health reasons.

Federal court granted benefits

Veteran denied benefits: Our veteran client was denied benefits working with a different law firm. After hiring the Zendeh Del Law Firm, we filed a second case for him, and fought all the way to federal court to get him the benefits he deserved.

Case dismissed

Wrongful premises liability claim: Our client was sued for personal injury when someone fell off of the roof of a home he didn’t even own at the time of the alleged accident. We got that meritless personal injury case dismissed, since the alleged accident happened before our client even purchased that home.