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The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC Serving Dallas & Ft. Worth More Than Four Decades of Combined Legal Experience

Our Notable Case Results

Our accomplished attorneys have more than four decades of combined legal experience. Our team has built a reputation for excellence in the courtroom with over one hundred trials to our credit, including many high profile and complex cases. Additionally, we have successfully handled thousands of cases nationwide. Experience has taught our attorneys that they are able to obtain remarkable outcomes when they work together as a team. Our legal team approach is uncompromising, leaving no stone unturned on each and every case handled.

Who do we represent? Current and former clients include: athletes, musicians, teachers, doctors, real estate developers, veterinarians, car dealers, dentists, police officers, fellow lawyers, and even a Judge or two. From blue collar to white collar, celebrity to "average joe", immigrant to natural born citizen, truck driver to race car driver. We represent the people and businesses that make up the great state of Texas.

    • Drug Offenses State v. J.M.
      State v. J.M. Client Received DADJ on Misdemeanor Case Only

      Client arrested for Felony Theft of Firearm and Possession of Marijuana. Gun charge not filed, and Client Received Deferred Adjudication on Misdemeanor Drug Case.

    • Criminal Offenses State v. R.N.
      State v. R.N. All Charges Dropped

      Client accused of sexually assaulting his foster child over a period of several years.

    • Drug Offenses State v. G.R.
      State v. G.R. Case Dismissed

      Client Charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance ( Meth )

    • Drug Offenses State v. M.D.
      State v. M.D. Client received reduced sentence of 2 years

      Client Charged with Felony Delivery of a Controlled Substance 4g – 200g, Felony Possession of Marijuana 5lbs - 50lbs, and Felony Evading Arrest

      Facing Minimum of 15-99 years on Delivery Case Alone

      Client received reduced sentence of 2 years, with Dismissals on Possession of Marijuana and Evading Cases

    • Criminal Offenses State v. F.W.
      State v. F.W. All Charges Dismissed

      F.W. was accused of sexual assault by his step-daughters, who alleged that he had sexually abused them over a period of several years. F.W. needed an aggressive defense to combat these extremely serious charges. After the legal team at the Zendeh Del Law Firm compiled and presented evidence against the accusations, the Harris County Grand Jury voted to immediately reject the charges against F.W.