Understanding The Parole Process

The parole process in Texas is one of the most intimidating and daunting challenges facing a person that has been convicted of a crime. There have been many criticisms of the Texas parole system – primarily, that it is fraught with fraud and disparate treatment of inmates. When your loved one is being considered for parole it is vital that you hire an attorney with the integrity and zealous attitude required to represent an inmate before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. The most important thing to remember about the parole process is that the decision to release an inmate on parole is discretionary. This means that your ability to get out on parole depends entirely on the judgment of the three-member parole panel. This fact, coupled with the sheer number of parole decisions made daily is enough to suggest that the parole process can become cumbersome. Before an inmate even has a chance to state his or her case to the parole board, the deck will be stacked against him. The district attorney’s office that filed the charges and prosecuted the inmate, the trial court, the arresting law enforcement agency and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will send information regarding the case to be placed in the inmate’s file. By the time the Parole Board even opens up the inmate’s file, there will be a mountain of information against the inmate.

Review & Parole Eligibility Date

An inmate will begin to undergo review six months prior to his or her parole eligibility date. During this six-month window, the Parole Board can vote on the inmate’s parole at any time. However, the average Parole Board member will not have the ability to fully investigate the inmate’s parole application. It is for this reason that you must hire a Plano parole attorney that is prepared to fight for you or your loved one during this time frame. As experienced Plano criminal defense attorneys, our firm is ready and willing to fight to get you or your loved one out of prison. Because the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles essentially places the burden on the inmate to demonstrate why that person should be released on parole, it is important that you hire an attorney to represent you in your fight to be released.

Expect Personal Service From The Zendeh Del Law Firm!

Our criminal defense team will assist you from the time that you or your loved one are convicted and guide you through the parole process. The attorneys will personally visit the inmate as soon as you hire the firm in order to begin the blueprint of the team’s strategy to get that inmate out of prison. The team will work closely with family and loved ones to develop a release plan that will demonstrate to the Parole Board that this inmate will be a lawful and productive member of society. The team will also create a custom parole packet that will consist of evidence that is uniquely targeted for the inmate. Contact a Plano criminal defense attorney today for the help that you need.