Understanding “Community Supervision” And Probation

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you may hope to be given probation as part of, or as the entire, penalty. Understanding probation is extremely important as you can suffer many problems while on probation, which in Texas, is termed “community supervision.” Being given probation always includes requirements that absolutely must be complied with. If you fail to arrive for any meeting with a probation officer, test positive for drugs or alcohol, or are arrested for another offense, you can face the full term of the sentence you hoped to avoid by going on probation in the first place.

Many people simply cannot afford the actual costs involved in probation. Never move forward with a decision about your plea without a full review of your situation from a high quality, experienced Plano criminal attorney. At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, we have a great understanding of the criminal justice process and our legal counsel will be of great value to you.

Probation: Is It Right For You In Your Case?

Probation can be difficult, but in some cases it is a good choice. How do you make the decision about what to do if you are facing criminal charges? First, never attend a court hearing without an attorney by your side regardless of whether it is for an arraignment, bail hearing, pretrial hearing or any other appearance. It is dangerous and could lead to serious problems for you. You need a legal professional to manage the situation, counsel you, and present your case with a high level of skill.

Speak With A Notable Plano Probation Attorney!

At our firm, we have achieved many notable victories in court. If you have the opportunity to be acquitted based on faulty police procedure, untrustworthy witnesses or the fact that you are innocent, you deserve to know all of your options. Our founding attorneys have an incredible level of experience at trial, and we have gained a reputation throughout the courts in the Plano area for our high-quality defense representation. We know the law, and we are prepared to review your case and advise you about the benefits and risks of probation.

We are trial lawyers, and we can review your case and the evidence against you to help you determine what can be done for you, with your best interests and freedom as our focus. Contact us today!