Defending Immigrants Against Criminal Allegations In Collin County

Facing a criminal charge is never easy – especially if your status as an American immigrant is at stake. People come to the United States for many reasons: education, work, etc. However, if you are an alien in the United States, and you are convicted of a serious criminal offense, you may be subject to deportation. The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to helping individuals facing serious criminal allegations.

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What Is Deportation?

Simply put, deportation involves expelling an individual or group of people from a country. In the United States, citizens cannot be deported. However, immigrants may lose their status as legal aliens and be forced to leave the country. Deportation is distinct from banishment, exile, or penal transportation. Generally speaking, banishment and exile involve the expulsion of a national citizen, while deportation involves removing a non-citizen from a place or country.

Aggravated Felonies & Deportation

As an immigrant, a criminal conviction could easily compromise your status as a legal alien. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, individuals who are not lawful permanent residents of the United States and who are convicted of a serious criminal offense, may lose their status as a legal alien, and thus be deported. Generally Speaking, the term “serious criminal offense” falls under the more broad category of “aggravated felony.” Originally, aggravated felonies were added to the Immigration and National Act in 1988 in response to increased drug trafficking in the United States. Crimes labeled as aggravated felonies include:

Other criminal convictions may result in deportation, too. For instance, if you are convicted of conspiracy or attempted conspiracy, you may lose your immigration status. Perjury, obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury, bribery of a witness and commercial bribery may cause you to lose your status as well. Many fraud and counterfeiting crimes are considered aggravated felonies as well. Additionally, if you are found guilty of attempting to manipulate or forge a passport, you may be charged with an aggravated felony and thus deported. Any offense that involves owning, managing or supervising a prostitution-related business is considered an aggravated felony. This includes slavery or trafficking of persons. Child pornography crimes are considered aggravated offenses as well.

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