Protecting The Rights Of Minors Accused Of Crimes

When a youth is charged with a crime, it can have a devastating impact on their self-esteem and their future. The juvenile justice system sometimes focuses more on punishment than rehabilitation.

Your son or daughter needs a skilled and caring advocate to shield them from the harshest penalties and to protect their future. The lawyers of the Zendeh Del Law Firm have years of experience in juvenile defense in Plano, Dallas and statewide. You can count on us to fiercely defend your child and make sure they get the help they need to move forward from this difficult time.

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Experienced Defense For Juvenile Crime Allegations

The juvenile justice system is different from the adult criminal system. There are no juries or public proceedings. There is no finding of guilty or not guilty. The judge weighs the evidence and decides what punishment or treatment – if any – the youth should receive. Our role is to make sure that your son or daughter is treated fairly and given an opportunity to refute the charges or tell their side.

If your child faces juvenile charges, we will try to get them released to you rather than sent to juvenile detention. If your child is accused of a major felony, the prosecutor may seek to have them charged and tried as an adult. We will fight to keep them in the juvenile system and out of state prison. Our legal team has experience defending all types of juvenile crimes:

No matter how minor the offense may seem, it can have a major impact on a teenager’s future education, employment and development. No matter how serious the charges are, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can capably defend your child.

Get Quality Counsel For Your Son Or Daughter

Please do not hesitate to contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm. Your child deserves a true defense, and we believe we can make a difference in the outcome.

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