Penalty For Manslaughter In Texas

In the state of Texas, manslaughter is prosecuted as a second degree felony offense which is generally punishable by up to 20 years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $10,000. Under Section 19.04 of the Texas Penal Code, a person commits manslaughter when they recklessly cause the death of another individual even if the offense was committed unintentionally and without “malice aforethought”.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

In Texas, under Section 19.01, a person commits criminal homicide whenever they intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or while being criminally negligent cause the death of another human being. Under Section 19.05, criminally negligent homicide is an offense where a person causes the death of another individual by criminal negligence. Criminal negligence is a state jail felony and punishable by 180 days in jail to 2 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. However, a state jail felony can also be prosecuted as a third degree felony if the offense falls into certain categories; for example, if the defendant exhibited or used a deadly weapon. If the person is convicted of a third degree felony, it could result in 2 to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, Manslaughter legal Counsel

t’s extremely important that the defendant enlist the services of a defense attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, as early as possible. Even though manslaughter isn’t as serious as a capital murder conviction, the consequences of a manslaughter conviction can still be devastating to you, your family and your career. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that you enlist our services as soon as possible so we can begin tailoring a defense strategy on your behalf. Attorney Jason Zendeh Del formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney for Fort Bend County and for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. While serving as a prosecutor, he personally handled thousands of criminal cases where he had a remarkable track record of success. As a criminal defense attorney, he has an overwhelming advantage over the average defense attorney without the same level of experience. His relationships with local judges, prosecutors and court personnel prove invaluable when negotiating plea bargains on behalf of his clients in dire straits.

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