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Tarrant County Pretrial Diversion

Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Can Help You With Pretrial Diversion Programs

In order to rehabilitate people who have committed a crime but do not want to get caught up in a “life of crime,” so to speak, Tarrant County has created a number of diversion programs for non-dangerous offenders. Using a diversion program, an arrested and charged criminal subject can admit guilt but avoid prosecution, and therefore conviction and also sentencing like jail time. When possible, diversion programs are usually largely beneficial and should always be considered. Not sure if you qualify for a Tarrant County Pretrial Diversion Program? Are you not certain if you should even use a diversion program if you are eligible? Get all the guidance, support, and representation you need to make the right choice by working with the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, and our Tarrant County criminal defense lawyers. We are dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for you, whether it involves a diversion program, plea bargain, or contest in court.

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Different Types Of Tarrant County Diversion Programs

In order to even use a Tarrant County Pretrial Diversion Program at all, you must be represented by a criminal defense attorney. Let us navigate your case on your behalf, beginning with identifying the diversion program that will work best for your unique situation. Tarrant County is one of the few counties in Texas that has a wide variety of diversion programs. There are even some that can be used after a criminal trial begins or completes. Some of the most commonly used diversion programs in Tarrant County are:

  • First offender drug program (FODP): A diversion program reserved for people charged with first-time drug crimes that occurred without violence. This program is mostly used by people charged with drug possession.
  • Deferred prosecution program (DPP): People under the age of 24 with no prior marks on their criminal record can use this program. The goal of the program is rehabilitating the young or juvenile offender with life skills and opportunities to prevent them from conducting future criminal violations.
  • Drug impact rehabilitation enhanced comprehensive treatment (DIRECT): This is a Tarrant County diversion program that sends a nonviolent drug crime offender to drug court for evaluation. The probation granted through DIRECT is more rigorous than that in FODP, but it can be granted to people who have been charged with a drug crime before, based on the drug court’s discretion. It is also used to help rehabilitate people with drug addictions and dependencies.
  • Youthful offender diversion alternative (YODA): First-time offenders between the ages of 17 and 25 may use the YODA program after being accused of domestic violence, as long as the crime was not carried out against someone related by blood or marriage. This is one of the few diversion programs in Tarrant County and the rest of Texas that accepts violent offenders.

Benefits & Requirements Of Tarrant County Diversion Programs

Each pretrial diversion program in Tarrant County is different from the next in purpose, scope, and eligibility. As such, the benefits of each program will also differ. However, most programs will eliminate prosecution and keep the offender’s criminal record clean. Many more will also attempt to rehabilitate them to give them a better chance of success in the future. Some can also expunge a program participant’s criminal record. On the other hand, Tarrant County Pretrial Diversion Programs all have different requirements for completion. Generally, program participants must pay fines and restitutions, refrain from alcohol and drug use of any kind, attend life skills courses, and not be arrested for any other criminal violation during the program’s duration. Failing a program will usually resume criminal prosecution where it was paused before the program was approved.

Secure Your Chance For A Better Future With Diversion

Your tomorrow does not need to be one that involves handcuffs or prison bars after being accused of a crime in Tarrant County. Call 888-4-ZEN-LAW to talk to our criminal defense attorneys about utilizing a diversion program to keep your freedom and bolster your chances. District attorneys, various courts, and other boards can use discretion to decide your eligibility for diversion programs. With our representation, you can be ready for any questions or challenges they may propose.

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