Defending Against Federal Drug-Related Charges

Federal drug charges are a very serious matter that must be acted upon quickly. The penalties are usually extremely harsh, including years in federal prison, if convicted in federal court. These crimes generally are investigated by federal agencies such as the DEA or FBI, which have seemingly endless resources at their disposal. If you are facing a federal drug crime charge, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, immediately. They are vigorous and aggressive Plano drug crime attorneys that are focused on your best interests when preparing your defense. Even if you are stopped for DWI and have a certain amount or certain type of drug in your possession, or you are under the influence of these drugs when arrested, you could face federal drug charges, including drug conspiracy, drug trafficking, illegal sale of prescription drugs, and others. It takes a skilled and practiced criminal defense attorney to get you through the level of prosecution you can expect from tough federal prosecuting attorneys. The firm is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in preparing your defense, and zealously advocating to have your charges dismissed when possible, and aggressively pursuing every possible advantage for you.

Penalties For Federal Drug Charges In Texas

Depending on the type of drugs involved in your charges, Schedule I, II, II, IV or V, you could be facing extremely harsh penalties. Those with prior convictions also face additional time if convicted. Federal law allows for heavy penalties including prison time, large fines, and often forfeiture of assets. The government must, however, prove their case under very specific guidelines. It is vital that you are represented by an attorney who can aggressively defend you and who has extensive trial experience in federal criminal court. Don’t risk a conviction and loss of your freedom and possessions. Contact our firm immediately so that we can move forward with your defense. Early involvement in the case can be an important issue when charges are filed in federal court. Contact a Plano federal drug crime lawyer if you have been charged with a drug offense.