An Experienced Defense For Marijuana Cultivation Allegations

While the debate surrounding the use and legalization of marijuana (“weed”) rages on, Texas maintains a firm stance on enforcing extremely harsh drug crime laws. As Texas is a state that does not approve of the medicinal use of cannabis, it views any possession, distribution, and sale of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia as an explicitly illegal offense. Local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors also come down hard on those charged with marijuana cultivation.

If you or your loved one has recently been arrested and/or charged with the cultivation of marijuana or with operating a grow house, allow our firm’s Plano criminal defense attorneys to fight aggressively on your behalf to shield you from potentially devastating criminal penalties.

Penalties For The Cultivation Of Marijuana

The charges and penalties you may face for marijuana cultivation vary considerably. Prosecutors will pay particular attention to the amount of marijuana or plants allegedly in your possession and whether you may have prior criminal convictions. Under Texas Law, marijuana cultivation charges range from misdemeanor offenses to the most serious first-degree felonies.

In addition to large fines and criminal records, these harsh sentencing guidelines make it clear that Texas takes marijuana drug crimes seriously. When handling these cases, our legal team draws from decades of collective experience, Attorney Jason Zendeh Del’s experience as a former prosecutor, and our unswerving commitment to clients to challenge the prosecution’s case. In certain cases, alternative resolutions may also be obtained as a way to preserve your freedom.

Allow A Plano Criminal Defense Lawyer To Fight For You

Our firm stands by the individuals and families we represent throughout the entirety of their legal process. We place an emphasis on working closely with clients and on preparing their cases extensively. In and outside of the courtroom, we fight for your freedom.

If you would like to discuss the charges you or your loved one is facing, do not hesitate to contact a Plano criminal defense attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, today. We serve clients throughout Colin, Dallas and Tarrant County.