How To Receive Your Benefits Fast

Filing for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas can be an extremely long process, but under certain circumstances, you may qualify to have your claim brought up the list and dealt with faster. To be eligible to have your claim expedited, you must demonstrate that you are under difficult circumstances, including the following:

  • Has a terminal illness
  • Is homeless
  • Faces foreclosure/eviction
  • Has some other dire need, such as no longer being able to afford utilities

Expediting Your SSSD Hearing

There are various ways to request an expedited review, beginning with a “dire need” letter. In this letter, you explain your circumstances in detail and why you need your case examined as soon as possible. This can include needing financial assistance to:

  • Continue your treatment or medicine
  • Prevent an eviction or home foreclosure
  • Pay critical bills

Evidence of your financial emergency should be included with your correspondence, such as copies of payment demands. You can also request an on-the-record review (OTR). This is a letter sent to the office arranging or conducting the hearing to review the case before the hearing takes place. OTRs are typically sent when a person’s health situation has worsened and immediate financial relief is needed. An OTR request will need to be supported with evidence regarding the declining medical condition. Accelerating your hearing with the ODAR can result in faster payment of SSD benefits. The advantages of submitting a dire need letter or requesting an on-the-record review include:

  • Reducing the time spent waiting for the hearing to take place
  • If your request to expedite the hearing is denied or the early review takes place and your claim is rejected, you can still proceed with the hearing

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