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After your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim is denied by the responding insurance party, an administrative law judge (ALJ) can be asked to make a ruling in your favor. However, nothing guarantees the ALJ will see the situation fairly and correct it. There is always the chance they will rule in favor of the insurance company, which means you will have to appeal your claim upwards to a Federal District Court. Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC and our Plano SSDI lawyers are here to make certain you are ready for your appearance in Federal District Court. You deserve SSD benefits and a comfortable life after a disability has made it impossible to work comfortably or safely. It is our goal to make certain this happens.

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Understanding SSD Federal Appeals Procedures

You typically do not have much time to arrange for an appeal after an ALJ also denies your SSDI claim. After 60 days, you will likely not have any option to file for a federal appeal. Act quickly by getting our attorneys in your corner sooner than later. When we are working on your federal appeals case, we can file the initial complaint to the right court and respond to any responses from the court. You should be provided a summons that allows you to go to court during a specific time and date. We will act on your behalf, presenting a courtroom argument that best represents your situation and why the denials were wrongful. The judge has three choices when hearing your case:

  • Uphold the lower court’s decision to deny your claim – we will do everything in our power to prevent this outcome.
  • Send your case to the Social Security Appeals Council for additional review and a new decision.
  • Determine the ALJ acted erroneously and approve your SSD benefits – this is the outcome we absolutely want to secure.

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