Am I Eligible For SSD Benefits?

The first answer to the question of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is whether you have worked long enough and paid your FICA taxes for at least 5 of the last 10 years. For individuals younger than 31, the requirements are less strict but the issue is whether you have paid sufficient taxes to qualify for benefits. The second question is how does you disability affect your ability to earn an income. Your age and type of work that you have done all factor into this qualification. To receive SSD benefits, your application must prove that your condition prevents you from being able to do your past work or occupation. The older you are, the less serious of a disability you need to have to qualify. You will need to explain the type of work you have done for the majority of the last 15 years. Some disabilities will qualify you depending on the job you had. The younger a worker is, the more likely that they could be retrained for another job and the more likely they are to be denied.

Discuss Your Case With Social Security Disability Attorneys

Your disability must be medically diagnosed and clearly observable. Most physical disabilities and serious diseases such as cancer, brain, or spinal injuries can easily be determined and described with medical tests. Mental or psychiatric disabilities can be much harder to substantiate – even with a mental health professional’s report or findings. To qualify for SSD, you must be completely disabled by your condition or disease. Social Security does not cover partial disabilities like many private insurance or workers’ comp policies do. For more information about establishing eligibility and filing for Social Security disability coverage, call and arrange for a case evaluation.

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