Assisting With Widows And Survivor SSD Claims

Widows and widowers may qualify for benefits that their spouse qualified for, or even receive higher benefits from a spouse’s record than from one’s own. Surviving children may also qualify for Social Security benefits based on their own disabilities.

What Surviving Spouses Can Expect

If you are a surviving widow(er) of a spouse who received Social Security Disability insurance, you may qualify for Social Security survivor benefits based on what they earned. To qualify for these, you and your spouse must have been married for at least 9 months. You may qualify for full survivor benefits if you are 65 years old; you can qualify for partial benefits starting at 60 years old. You may qualify for benefits starting at 60 years old if you are disabled, from before your spouse died or within 7 years of your spouse’s death. If you are divorced, you must have been married for at least 10 years before the separation, and you cannot have remarried before turning 60 (or before 50, if you are disabled) to qualify for survivor benefits. You also must not qualify for the same or even better benefits from anyone else’s record if you are to qualify as a divorced survivor.

Information For Surviving Children

Children may also qualify for Social Security survivor benefits. For children under 18, it must be demonstrated that they are gravely disabled and that their parents have low enough income to qualify for Supplemental Security Income. An adult child might qualify for SSD benefits according to yours or the deceased’s salary, as benefits take into account how much was paid into the system.

Our Team Of Social Security Lawyers Can Help You

At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, you can find qualified Social Security disability lawyers committed to providing their clients with outstanding legal counsel. We understand this a difficult time for you and your family, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive your full rights so you can make it through this time. With our unyielding efforts, we can help you navigate all these policies and further fight for your claim, even if it has already been denied. At the firm, you can work with an AV Preeminent lawyer, recognized for high ethical and professional standards.

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