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Thanks to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), every child has the right to public education at no cost to their families. This right includes special education needs and other services related to the care of children with developmental disabilities. Not all schools and school districts are compliant with IDEA, though. You may be shocked to find that your special needs child is not being provided appropriate education and given engagement at school. If you have discovered that your child’s special education is being neglected by a school or district, then you need to take legal action as soon as you can.

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Your Options To Demand Special Education For Your Child

The purpose of special education is to meet the needs of a child with a developmental debilitation, generally one related to mental disability. As with public education provided to neurotypical children, special education must be free for the parent of a special needs child. For the most part, a parent only needs to prove their child’s disability through a diagnosis and provide the medical evidence to the school, school board or school district. At that point, the school district needs to make arrangements to give the child special education. When your child is not being provided special education or the right sort of special education, you should start exploring your legal options. Our Plano special education law attorneys are here to provide moral support, legal guidance and courtroom representation, if need be. Many special education law matters can be resolved through:

  • Secondary evaluation of your child’s disabilities with the results being sent to the school district
  • Demands for independent disability evaluation if the school conducts its own erroneous evaluation
  • Contesting misplacement of your child in school programs and classes
  • Requesting internal records of staff’s proper training to work with special needs children

Dispute Resolution In Texas

If you believe your child’s educational needs are not being properly met and the school district stated it has reached its limits, disagreements are often resolved through a due process hearing. But according to state and federal law, the Texas Education Agency must offer voluntary mediation to parents and schools to work out their differences over a child’s education plan. Mediation is led by third-party mediators who specialize in special education law and mutually aids both parties to reach a binding agreement. After the mediator helps each party look at the issues from different perspectives, all parties involved must work together to arrive at a solution. This nonadversarial process also preserves the ongoing relationship of all parties. However, if all parties cannot come to an agreement through mediation, then a due process hearing will be held. Similar to a trial, a judge will review evidence and hear testimony presented by each party, then ultimately decides who is right.

When going through all the steps of due process, including mediation, you need an experienced special education attorney on your side to ensure your child’s rights and best interests are always protected. Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, is not afraid to take school districts to court in order to help your child the education they need to secure a bright future.

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