Alternatives To Criminal Penalties For First-Time Offenders

In 2011, Collin County implanted its Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program to help keep young, first-time criminal offenders out of prison and out of a “life of crime.” With the Diversion Program, the criminally accused can completely avoid certain convictions and all of the criminal penalties usually associated with it. As it is a pretrial system, even prosecution can be waived, if the defendant qualifies. At The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, we believe in the importance of leniency for young, first-time criminal offenders who may have been misled into committing a crime. We have seen the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program reach fair, amicable case conclusions for clients in the past, and we would be honored to help you see if it will work for you. Furthermore, in order to use the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program, you must be represented by a criminal defense attorney.

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Eligibility For The Pretrial Diversion Program

Not everyone can use the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program. There are plenty of limitations and requirements placed within the Program that make certain offenders exempt. However, the benefits of the system are so great, it is always worth seeing if you do qualify. Allow our Collin County criminal defense attorneys to explore the situation for you. Requirements of the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program include:

  • You must not have been charged for a violent crime, domestic violence, sex crime, or driving while intoxicated (DWI).
  • You must not have any previous felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions for violent crimes.
  • You may be disqualified if you are under the age of 25 and have a lengthy record of juvenile crime convictions.
  • You may be required to obtain two or more letters of recommendations from trustworthy parties if you are attempting to enter the Pretrial Diversion Program for a felony offense.

Due to the restrictions of the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program, people who qualify are generally those charged with theft crimes, drug possession, trespassing and other nonviolent crimes. If you do want to use the program, you will need to provide a sworn statement regarding the facts of the alleged crime and effectively plead guilty, without actually pleading guilty. In case you are not accepted into the program for any reason after creating the sworn statement, that statement cannot be used as evidence against you. Our Collin County criminal defense attorneys can guide you through the process to make certain you are given a fair chance at using the program.

Pretrial Diversion Program Requirements

The details of the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program can change between one case and the next. This is due largely to the fact that District Attorneys are given permission to use their own discretion when evaluating a criminal defendant and what sort of Program could help them. Once again, you can rely on our criminal defense law firm to review the proposed Program requirements. You may be required to do the following to complete the Pretrial Diversion Program:

  • Break all contact with other criminal suspects
  • Surrender any firearms to the authorities
  • Refrain from using alcohol
  • Not commit any other crime while in the Program
  • Remain in Texas, unless given a special permit
  • Pay a $500 fine and potential monthly fines
  • Complete community service work
  • Gain and/or maintain full-time employment during the Program
  • Meet with probation officers as needed
  • Attend anger management or ethics classes

Collin County’s Path 2 Program

Path 2 is an auxiliary program to the Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program, formed through a community partnership with Pivot Staffing. Young criminal offenders may have difficulty meeting the requirements of the Program due to a lack of resources and direction. Path 2 provides what is missing and moral support to help people in the Program. Path 2 can provide you with:

  • Training for basic life skills, like interviewing and resume creation
  • Conflict resolution exercises
  • Consultations and discussions about the path ahead
  • Life coach partnerships and mentorships

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The Collin County Pretrial Diversion Program is a powerful option to avoid prosecutions and convictions for first-time, young offenders who do not commit violent crimes. Do not let this opportunity pass you up. Contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, and our criminal defense attorneys as soon as you can to learn about the specifics of this program, how you can qualify, and the benefits you gain if you do.

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