What Is A Bail Bond?

Never attend a bail hearing without legal representation to fight for the opportunity to be free on your own recognizance. Sometimes, the judge will not allow this and will insist that the accused individual post bail if they wish to be free prior to the trial. With our attorneys assisting with both the bail hearing and the bail bond, you can avoid paying double. There will be no need to seek out a bail bondsman. Our defense lawyers can assist with both aspects of the case. Why hire the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC?

  • We are backed by more than three decades of legal experience.
  • We have successfully handled thousands of cases.
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It is a critical aspect of any criminal defense that you have the support of an aggressive defense attorney to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutor, and seek a dismissal of the charge, a reduced charge or alternative sentencing.

Posting Bail After A DWI Arrest

When facing a DWI, it is often necessary to post bail, particularly in the more serious offenses. The cost of posting bail is expensive, and when it is a felony DWI charge, the cost of bail could prevent the individual from remaining free while working on the defense of the charge. If bail is set for an individual in custody, however, they will likely need to retain the services of a bail bondsman. In many cases, an attorney will also act as a bondsman by retaining this as part of their legal fee. Our firm can help with the following:

Although the Constitution of the United States explains that bail must be set at a reasonable amount for a defendant, other factors are taken into account when deciding bail. A defendant may be denied bail and remanded to jail if they pose a “flight risk” or if they have a prior history of related offenses. Other times, however, bail will be requested in the amount that an arrested individual may realistically be able to gain access to. This is paid as collateral, in the sense that the defendant would lose the amount that they have paid if they fail to appear in court after being released from custody. If a bail bondsman has posted bail for a person who later fails to appear, they may use law enforcement – or bounty hunters – to take the individual back into custody.

Skipping Out On Bail

When a defendant skips out on their bail, it will likely pose a serious threat to the outcome of their case. If you have been arrested and are being allotted a bail amount, you should contact legal representation immediately. A qualified attorney can make sure that all of the proper procedures are taken to ensure the best possible outcome of your case as well as to make sure that you do not have to spend time in jail before the date of your trial. Before you are given a date for a bail hearing, you should go over the facts of your arrest with legal counsel to make sure that they are well-equipped to retain you a reasonable bail.

Get The Bail Bond Services You Need

The legal team at our firm has extensive experience in defending all types of criminal offenses and provides bail bond services to clients and their families who need help in both criminal defense and posting bail. This allows the client to quickly and effectively get the help they need both in the defense of the criminal case in court and posting bail so that they can avoid spending time in jail while awaiting trial.

Our firm provides aggressive legal representation and bail bond services to clients throughout the Plano area as well as Collin, Denton, Dallas and Tarrant counties.