Charged With Your Second DWI?

One of the main differences between a first and a second DWI conviction is the installation of an ignition interlock device. If a person commits a DWI within five years of their first offense, then the court will require that they have this device installed at their own cost. The amount of time this device will need to remain in the vehicle depends on the court. Any individual who does not have this device installed or drives a vehicle other than the one equipped with this breath device can be held in contempt of court. The more prior DWI convictions you have on your record, the more serious the consequences will be if you are convicted of a subsequent drunk driving crime. The punishments for a second DWI include the following:

Second Offenses & Your License

A second drunk driving conviction within five years of your first offense will make it more difficult to have your driving privileges reinstated. You can still request an ALR hearing to contest your license suspension, but it may prove more difficult to contest the evidence with prior offenses of this nature on your record. In order to get your license reinstated or to serve as a punishment for a conviction, a driver who has been convicted of their second DWI may be required to attend an Alcohol Education Program as part of their probation. Provided that you have met all of the other necessary requirements for reinstatement, you will still have to pay a fee, provide proof of insurance, and provide proof of completion of a “Repeat Offender DWI Education Program” to the Department of Public Safety before your suspension period ends.

Hard-Hitting DWI Defense In Plano, Texas

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