Our Plano SSD Lawyers Can Fight For Your Rights

If you have been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you have 60 days to contest the decision. Contact a Plano SSD lawyer at once for help in filing an appeal. Many times a claim is denied because of mistakes made on the application or insufficient medical documentation. A qualified disability attorney can review your case and help fight for your rights to benefits. If you’ve worked in the past, made payments into the Social Security program, and your illness or injury is considered a disability under Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines, the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, can provide the competent legal support when filing an SSD claim or appealing a denial. We are experienced in all aspects of SSA procedures and can pursue your benefits.

Circumstances That Can Lead To The Initial Rejection

Your income is too high. One common reason for a denial is that an applicant’s income is simply too high. There is an upper limit for the amount of monthly income a person can earn from substantial gainful activity (SGA), the SSD’s term for money earned from one’s employment. The upper limit for SGA is readjusted annually and varies significantly depending on a person’s disability. For SSI benefits, the upper limit for monthly income from work and other means is $1500. The SSI payment can be reduced whenever an applicant’s income is more than $740-$800. Your disability does not last long enough to warrant benefits. To qualify for Social Security disability benefits under SSA regulations, your affliction must:

  • Affect you for 12 months or more
  • Be terminal

Many injuries that lead people to apply for SSD do not necessarily pass this litmus test.

The SSA is unable to locate you. The SSA needs to have an available line of communication with someone who applies for benefits. If they are unable to get in contact with an applicant, the claim may be denied. This underscores the need to provide accurate contact information on your forms.

You do not cooperate with SSA requests. The SSA will likely deny your claim if you do not offer medical records and other information from medical professionals to verify your disability. If you do not attend mandated appointments or hearings, the SSA may deny your claim.

You do not listen to your doctors. If you are currently in treatment with a doctor who has prescribed a certain course of action for your condition and do not follow such recommendations, your claim can potentially be denied. There are several excusable nonmedical and medical exemptions for not following a doctor’s orders, which a knowledgeable SSD lawyer can explain in further detail.

Addiction causes your disability. If addiction to a drug or alcohol is a major factor in your disability, the SSA will deny your claim. You have a criminal record. Those who have been convicted of a crime or imprisoned may have their claim denied. If you are in prison on a felony charge, your disability arose from committing a crime, or you are imprisoned and injured, your claim will likely be denied. You are guilty of fraud. If you fraudulently obtain SSD benefits, your benefits will stop and the SSA will pursue charges.

Contact a Plano Social Security Disability attorney from our firm if you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits to discuss your case and how to file an appeal.