Common Myths About Social Security

There are many myths surrounding Social Security disability (SSD) that often deter disabled individuals from filing a claim. If your illness or injury is considered a disability under Social Security Administration policies, and you have paid into the Social Security program in the past, contact a Plano Social Security disability lawyer to find out if you are eligible to file a claim. The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, has successfully helped many clients seeking SSD benefits. We are well-versed in SSD procedures and can assist you in the preparation and submission of your application. If your claim has been denied, our firm can give you important advice regarding filing an appeal.

Understanding Social Security Disability (SSD)

The purpose of SSD is to provide supplemental income to individuals who are unable to work because of a disability. People, however, often have misconceptions about SSD, such as:

  • First-time claims are never approved
  • Young people cannot receive benefits
  • There are disabilities that are automatically approved for SSD
  • Any history of alcohol or drug abuse will result in a denial
  • You cannot earn any money when you are on disability
  • If your claim has been denied, it is better to file a new claim than appeal the decision
  • Cases involving children are more likely to be approved than adult claims

There are many reasons why a claim can be denied. Often, an application is rejected because of inadequate or insufficient medical information. In other situations, a person may make too much money to qualify. If you are in need of financial support because of an injury or illness, speak with a disability attorney to find out the truth about SSD and whether or not you qualify for assistance.

Contact a Plano Social Security disability attorney from our firm to get your questions answered about SSD and to find out more about the claims process.