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Frequently Asked Questions About SSD

Why Are So Many SSD Claims Denied?

More than half of all claims are denied, mostly because their paperwork was not filled out correctly or fully. Another common reason is the failure to provide adequate medical records supporting their condition.

Do I Qualify for Benefits if I Am Not Permanently Disabled?

Disability applies to conditions that are expected to leave you out of work for 12 consecutive months. It's not mandatory that your condition be permanent, and you may even obtain benefits after you've returned to work.

How Can I Afford an Attorney?

Your income level is irrelevant when it comes to these kinds of cases. We work so that you owe us nothing unless we are successful in having your disability claim approved.

What Types of Disabilities Will SSD Pay For?

The key to approval is showing that your condition, almost no matter what it is, impairs your ability to perform your job. Whether it's cancer, or even a mental illness such as depression, the task at hand is proving that it directly affects your ability to perform your job.

I Provided a Letter From My Doctor, But Was Refused. Why?

Doctors often fail to understand how much proof is required for a disability claim to be approved. A letter is not quite enough if it doesn't include documentation of tests, results, diagnostics, or a record of visits for treatment. As well, this documentation needs to be as current as possible.

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