Sophisticated Defense In Texas For Federal Criminal Charges

Federal agencies have vast resources for investigating crimes, and federal court procedure is very different from prosecution in state court. When you are facing federal criminal charges, it is important that you speak with an experienced lawyer who is familiar with federal laws and the federal system.

At Zendeh Del Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced with federal charges. If your case is going to be heard in federal court, we have the ability to protect your rights and mount an effective defense.

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What Are Federal Crimes?

Certain offenses fall under federal jurisdiction because of the nature of the crime or because the alleged activity crossed state lines. Common federal charges include:

Federal prosecutors commonly file charges of mail fraud and/or wire fraud, for extra leverage or as a fallback in case they cannot prove the underlying crime.

A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

As a former prosecuting attorney himself, Jason Zendeh Del understands how federal law enforcement builds a case. He is skilled at poking holes in the government’s case to get charges dismissed or evidence excluded, and to give clients an edge in plea negotiations or at trial. He is licensed to practice before all four federal districts of Texas (Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Districts), and regularly represents clients in the greater Dallas area and statewide in federal cases.

Protect Your Future By Contacting Us Today

If the government has taken steps to investigate you for any federal crime, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney who has handled federal cases before. It may be necessary to conduct an independent investigation of your charges in order to build a solid defense on your behalf. Therefore, the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better.

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