Charged With A Drug Crime? Work With A Plano Drug Crime Lawyer!

Because of the prevalence of drug-related crimes in Texas, the state consistently enforces harsh penalties for those convicted of drug-related offenses. Individuals can face penalties even when found with only a small amount of drugs on their person, and it can be difficult to fight charges on your own. The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, is made up of a team with more than four decades of combined experience. Each Plano drug crimes lawyer at our firm truly cares about the future of our clients and will work tirelessly to aggressively defend your innocence. From the moment you contact our firm, your case becomes the first priority for our attorneys. Call us today for the help you deserve!

Which Drugs Are Illegal?

Texas considers both the compounds used to make the drugs, as well as the drugs themselves, to be illegal. The list of substances that can incur drug-related charges is long and should not be taken lightly. All of the following drugs are considered illegal in Texas:

Drug crimes can include possession, sale, cultivation, manufacturing, and owning paraphernalia. An individual can also face charges for falsifying a drug test. Most convictions for these offenses involve time in jail, heavy fines, driver’s license suspension, probation, and mandatory drug counseling programs. Based on the severity of the crime, it may even be considered a felony.

Don’t Put Your Future In The Hands Of The Court!

It is easy to assume that, if this is your first offense, the court will go easy on you and let you off with minimal charges. It cannot be stressed enough that this is rarely the case. A drug crime conviction can permanently tarnish your record and damage future endeavors. The Plano criminal defense lawyers at our firm have defended hundreds of clients, successfully obtaining favorable outcomes on their behalf. The sooner you schedule your case evaluation, the sooner we can begin preparing your defense.

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