Plano Drug Crime Lawyer for Cases Involving Mushrooms

The Texas Controlled Substances Act has been updated as of September 1, 2011. More substances are being added to the list of drugs that can result in criminal charges for possession, distribution, or other charges. Mushrooms, or “shrooms” as they are called on the street, are a naturally occurring mushroom that has hallucinogenic properties. These mushrooms are classified under the Act as a Penalty Group 2-A controlled substance. They are also called “magic mushrooms” or “psilocybin mushrooms.” If you have been found to be in possession of “shrooms” you could face some very serious consequences if you are convicted. As a Penalty Group 2-A controlled substance, the charges filed range from a state jail felony to a 1st-degree felony. Under the current state law, there are varying penalties based upon the amount of the substance found in possession of the accused.

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Proving Possession: Your Defense Options

When the mushrooms are found on your person, it could potentially be difficult to dispute possession, but when found in your car or home, there could be reason to believe that you had no knowledge that the mushrooms were even there. Even if you were searched by law enforcement and found to be in possession of mushrooms, you have options that should be explored. It is possible that you were the victim of a rights violation in an illegal search and seizure, and if proven, a motion to suppress evidence could be filed with the court. Possession charges are based upon the belief by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney that the individual involved was in actual:

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Penalties In Mushroom Charges

Since mushrooms fall into Penalty Group 2, along with other hallucinogenic substances such as synthetic marijuana, PCP, mescaline and others, the fines involved can range as high as $50,000 based upon the amount of the substance found in the possession of the accused. The time spent in a correctional facility in the state can be as long as 2 years for less than one gram of the substance, and 5-99 years for the possession of 400 grams or more. These are very serious issues, and when your freedom is at risk, you can’t take chances. Getting the highest quality defense attorney fighting for you from the start of your case is extremely important.

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