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Aggressive Defense Against Sex Crime Allegations

Facing a sex crime allegation of any type can potentially devastate all facets of an individual's life. From their personal reputation to their professional career, the stakes involved in these serious cases are very high. Additionally, defendants are all too often stereotyped and classified as the result of simply being accused of such a crime.

This is precisely the type of situation many defendants face when charged with acts of indecent exposure. If you are facing allegations for indecent exposure, it is vital to the favorable resolution of your case that you retain the experienced legal representation that only a skilled Plano criminal defense attorney can provide.

What is Indecent Exposure?

Indecent exposure, as defined by Texas Statutes, occurs when a person exposes their genitals with a disregard for whether another is present who will be offended or alarmed. Although the law may make this crime appear straightforward, it is a charge that can involve a number of variables. While some of these cases may involve more pressing concerns that insinuate predatory sexual behavior, many indecent exposure cases arise as the result of practical jokes.

"Mooning," public urination, "streaking," and "flashing" are common acts typically intended as a joke or performed with the belief that no ill-effects would result. Unfortunately, those who commit these acts may be subjected to arrest and criminal prosecution.

When handling these types of cases, we work diligently to collect and investigate all the facts surrounding the events that led up to your arrest. Depending on the facts involved in your unique case, there may be legitimate and effective defense strategies that can be implemented, including mistaken identification. Our firm understands that acts of jest hardly warrant as harsh a labeling as indecent exposure or sex crime, and we work to avoid or mitigate the charges you face.

Whether the accusations you face stem from misunderstandings, jokes gone awry, or more serious allegations, the penalties involved are all too real. Fines, terms of imprisonment, and possible registration as a sex offender are consequences too severe to allow yourself to go into a case without anything other than top-quality legal representation.

Discuss Your Case with a Plano Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm understands the severity of these allegations, and we make it a point to work closely with you to fully understand the nature of your arrest and charge. Time is an essential factor in these cases, and we encourage anyone in Plano or any of the surrounding communities of Texas to schedule a case evaluation as soon as possible.

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