3 Apps to Help You Stop Distracted Driving

From communicating with one another and performing work duties to taking photos/videos and sharing your life on social media, smartphones are now part of how we live. Unfortunately, many people – especially teenagers and young adults – have trouble refraining from using their phones while behind the wheel, which is why distracted driving accidents have become one of the most common causes of car crashes in Texas and throughout the United States.

However, it is possible to use your cellphone to help you become a safer driver. There are several safe driving apps available to prevent distracted driving and potentially save your life and the lives of others.

The following are three safe driving apps to help you stop driving while distracted:

  1. AT&T DriveMode® (Available on Android & iOS) – This app helps keep your attention on the road by silencing incoming texts and sending calls directly to voicemail. Anyone who attempts to contact you will receive an autoreply, letting them know you are driving. As soon as you drive at least 25 MPH, the app will automatically turn on. For parents, they will receive a text if their child turns off DriveMode.
  2. LifeSaver (Available on Android & iOS) – Once you begin driving, the app automatically starts. You will be greeted by a lock screen – thus disabling phone features such, as texting or accessing the camera – any time you attempt to use your phone while driving. Additionally, LifeSaver features a reward system that enables drivers to earn free wards for safe driving behavior and notifies your loved ones when you arrive safely at your destination. Not only is this app used by families, but it is also by commercial fleets.
  3. TrueMotion Family (Available on Android & iOS) – This app is essentially a scoring system that gives families an overall picture of each members’ driving based on a “trip score” out of 100 points. TrueMotion also identifies the exact moments where a driver was distracted while behind the wheel. You can compare driving scores, show a driver’s location in real-time, and review each other’s trip history.

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