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The Texas authorities are heavily involved in stopping the flow of controlled substances into the state. The border with Mexico has led to a flow of various illegal drugs. Both state and federal police agencies are involved in apprehending those who are transporting the drugs into the state, or transporting the drugs through the state in order to distribute to other parts of the country. If you are facing charges filed in state or federal court, contact our firm at once. Our lead trial attorney is a former prosecutor and is recognized for his exceptional skills in case development and presentation.

Drug Smuggling: Transportation Charges In Plano

Narcotics smuggling is a serious issue in Texas. If you have been arrested and charged with drug transportation, the quality of your Plano criminal defense lawyer could not be more important. If you are convicted, your life will never be the same. Depending upon the type of drug and the quantity involved, you could potentially face life in prison.

There is no question that you need a highly skilled defense lawyer involved in your case as early as possible – preferably immediately after the arrest.

Call Our Texas Defense Law Firm Before You Do Anything Else!

Exercise your right to remain silent and call our firm before you answer any questions from the police or federal authorities. The case that has been built against you may have weaknesses that could lead to a dismissal; however, if you begin explaining what happened – even if you are innocent and were not involved in drug transportation – you could accidentally compromise your case. We take charge of the entire legal situation, and our first task is to conduct a full and careful evaluation of the evidence that led to your arrest, as well as police procedure and all other relevant facts. This analysis allows us to advise you of the most effective strategy for your case, and provide guidance regarding what actions should be taken for your defense. Our firm represents members of the military as well as civilian defendants, and we are admitted to practice in both state and federal criminal courts.

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