Delivery Of A Controlled Substance

Delivery of a controlled substance is a serious charge and a conviction could mean a lengthy prison sentence of up to 99 years or possibly fines of over $100,000. With your entire future at stake it’s essential that you seek experienced legal representation by a qualified Plano defense attorney. Delivery of a controlled substance is defined as the actual or constructive transfer of a controlled substance to another person. This includes selling, dispensing, giving away, or supplying the drug or controlled substance. For you to be convicted, the prosecution must prove two things.

  1. You had intent to deliver the controlled substance; and
  2. You knew what you were distributing was a controlled substance.

What Are The Punishments For Drug Delivery?

Delivery of a controlled substance could be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the type of drug delivered, the amount of the drug, and whether or not you received payment. The punishments for delivery vary greatly. The penalties for a delivery of marijuana conviction are:

The penalties for dealing other drugs, such as cocaineheroinmethecstasy and prescription drugs could be even more severe. The punishments can also increase if you are convicted of dealing drugs in close proximity to schools, youth centers, arcades, public swimming pools, etc.

It’s important to speak with a Plano ‎drug crime lawyer to make sure you understand your charges and rights. Charges as serious as delivery of a controlled substance demand a lawyer with trial experience and aggressive negotiation skills. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, now!