Cat Bite Lawsuits in Texas

Many animal lovers would agree that cats can be wonderful pets. They’re generally very easy to care for. They’re independent, playful, small, and can almost always be litterbox trained. However, ask anyone who’s had a cat before and they’ll tell you that cats’ personalities can be very different than dogs. Even if they’re raised in a warm and loving home, cats can be moody and downright mean at times. Pet them when they’re not in the mood, and they can scratch or even bite you!

Pet owners, whether they own a dog or a cat, are expected to take care of their animals and ensure they don’t harm anyone, including other animals, visitors to the pet owner’s home, and people they meet outside the home. Usually, a cat will bite or scratch someone near the homeowner’s property or inside the pet owner’s home. While it’s not illegal for cats to roam freely the way it is for dogs, cats biting or scratching people is a cause for concern.

What Are the Duties of a Cat Owner?

When people own pets, they become familiar with their pets’ personalities and mannerisms. Usually, if someone has an aggressive cat, they know it. If a cat develops a pattern of biting and is particularly dangerous, the owner must take steps to prevent the cat from injuring others.

The courts do not see cats as dangerous as dogs. Compared to dogs, cats are seen as much smaller threats to children and adults alike, but that doesn’t mean a cat can’t do damage because it can, especially when a cat scratches someone in the eye or they bite someone and the cat bite becomes infected. While a cat owner may not be held liable for injuries a cat inflicts on a provoking dog, they may be liable when:

  • They own a store and they know their cat can be aggressive and the cat bites someone at the business, an environment that should be safe for customers.
  • The owner knew the cat was aggressive and let the cat roam freely, which resulted in the cat injuring someone.
  • The cat attacks a dog without being provoked and the dog’s owner is injured during the attack.

Were you bitten or scratched by someone else’s cat? If you have suffered damages, such as medical bills and lost time from work, contact our office to discuss filing a claim for compensation.

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