Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

Car accidents are extremely common events, especially since so many of today’s drivers are distracted behind the wheel by cellphones and text messages. While texting while driving is by far the most dangerous form of driver distraction, there are other common causes of accidents as well. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), most crashes in the Lone Star State are caused by:

  1. Speeding
  2. Failure to Yield
  3. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
  4. Following Too Closely
  5. Running a Red Light
  6. Running a Stop Sign

Safe Driving Tips from TxDOT

You may feel like you can’t prevent a car accident from happening, but that’s not the case. There’s a lot that you can do to avoid a collision. Here are some safe driving tips, most of which are directly from TxDOT:

  • Avoid speeding
  • Don’t drive too fast for conditions
  • Don’t drive while angry
  • Be courteous to other drivers and yield to them
  • Avoid tailgating – always maintain a safe following distance
  • Before entering an intersection, be sure to look both ways
  • Whenever you make a turn or change lanes, use your turn signals
  • Come to a full stop at stop signs
  • Always stop at red lights, never run them
  • Never drive after drinking
  • Do not drive on sedating medications
  • Do not drive while fatigued

If you are ever in a car accident, the first thing you need to do is see if anyone is hurt and tend to them. Next, move your car out of the road to someplace safe where you can exchange information with the other driver(s). If you can’t move your car, you can protect the accident scene by putting up flares on the road (if you have them), putting up your hood, and turning on your hazard lights.

Do make a note of the location of the crash and get contact information from any witnesses. We also recommend using your cellphone to take plenty of pictures and possibly video for evidence. Always call the police if anyone was injured or killed, you cannot move your vehicle, you suspect the other driver is intoxicated, the other driver doesn’t have insurance, or it was a hit-and-run accident.

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