Taking Notes After an Accident

Whenever you’re in an accident that could give rise to a personal injury claim, it’s wise to take notes. These notes will come in very handy months down the road when your injuries are (hopefully) healed and your memory of the accident and what you went through are foggy. It can be especially easy for things to be fuzzy or blurry when you’ve been on pain medications, so that’s another key reason to keep detailed notes from the beginning until you receive your check.

As time passes, most people forget the details of something. By having notes handy, they can help jog your memory of the accident and how much it impacted your everyday life. Having notes is a lot more reliable than relying on your memory.

What Do I Take Notes On?

If it could possibly affect your case, jot it down. You can keep your notes in a notepad, you can type them into the “notes” section on your cellphone, or you can type them in a word document or in Google docs. Whenever you think of something new; for example, you couldn’t bend down to brush your teeth without a lot of back pain for three months, make a note of it.

If you’re like most people, you’ll remember important things in strange places like when you’re going to sleep for the night or when you’re ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks. When something pops up in your head, quickly write it down or make a note of it on your cellphone.

Here are more specifics on what notes you should keep:

  • After the accident, describe exactly how it happened;
  • Describe your injuries and how they affected you;
  • Describe the economic losses from the accident;
  • Describe how the economic losses affect you directly; and
  • After you have a conversation with witnesses, the insurance company, etc. take notes summarizing what was discusses and the conclusions.

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