The Dangers of Driving in Winter Weather

From snow and ice to sleet and below-freezing temperatures, the winter season can create ample driving hazards for Texas motorists. Even if you are an experienced driver, these dangerous conditions require careful driving and specific preparations for your vehicle.

The following are the most common dangers of winter driving: 

  • Traction loss – Ice and snow make roads significantly slippery and slick, which makes it easy for you to lose control when you’re driving when your tires lose traction – and increase the risk of a car accident. “Black ice” is a common danger during the cold winter months. This type of ice is completely camouflaged with the road and undetectable to the human eye. If you lose control of your vehicle because of traction loss, decrease your speed, avoid hitting your brakes hard, smoothly steer, and remain calm. Whenever you drive in the winter, drive slower than you usually do to give yourself more time to react to inclement weather.

  • Reduced visibility – Not only does driving in the snow impair your vision, but winter conditions can also cause your vehicle’s windshields to be fogged and other parts to become dirty, which compounds the issue. Constantly clean your windows and ensure your defroster is in working condition. Make sure your windshield wiper fluid contains antifreeze. Lastly, clear any snow off your vehicle, including your lights and other parts.

  • Vehicle malfunction – Cold and freezing temperatures can take a substantial toll on your vehicle, which is why it is important to keep your car in tip-top shape during the winter. Ensure your car battery, wipers, tires, coolant, and other systems are in good condition. Schedule maintenance or a tune-up to get the job done right.

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