The potential consequences of drunk driving

With certain pandemic-driven restrictions eliminated, enjoying a night out with friends at a local bar or restaurant represents a long-awaited and enjoyable evening out of the house. However, the fun and frivolity can turn into a nightmare of serious criminal consequences on your way home if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer who suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol while driving.

DUI-related facts

Before venturing out after a few beers or cocktails, you should know the facts about drunk driving:

  • Those who do drive drunk can usually get away with it 80 times before their first arrest.
  • In the United States, DUI fatalities occur every 51 minutes that equals 27 people per day, with non-fatal injuries arising every two minutes.
  • Your alcohol of choice does not fuel impairment. The volume that you consume over a specific time span does.
  • No matter what you’ve heard, a cup of coffee, cold shower, or intensive exercise will not reduce your blood alcohol content (BAC). Your best ally to avoid being pulled over is time.
  • “No Tolerance” policies exist for drivers under the age of 21, meaning that any alcohol in their system while driving will result in an arrest that could lead to more severe consequences.
  • Up to three-fourths of habitual drunk drivers with revoked licenses for multiple DUIs continue to drive.

The one piece of good news is alcohol-related traffic fatalities per population have been cut in half, with the most significant declines in those 16 to 20 years old.

Drunk driving is a serious crime with even more severe consequences. Those pulled over and arrested should know that DUI accusations are not the same as convictions. Mistakes can be made by law enforcement. Simply put, you have rights that require protection. Any violations mandate the help of an attorney who is skilled, experienced, and successful in this specific practice of the law.

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