Where Can I Ride a Motorized Scooter in Plano?

Bike and scooter sharing have increased in popularity and for good reason. Bikes and motorized scooters are a lot more affordable than standard passenger vehicles, they take up significantly less space, and they’re far friendlier on the environment, in effect reducing harmful emissions. Plus, they get pedestrians from Point A to Point B far faster than traveling on foot!

What does Plano say about bikes and motorized scooters? The City of Plano approved bike and scooter sharing, a mode of transportation the city says will provide a “new mobility choice” to the public. It is a dockless bike and scooter share program that lets people use a smartphone app to rent bikes and scooters. At the end of their ride, all they do is park the bike or scooter.

Plano’s Rules on Bikes & Scooters

When people complete their rides, they are supposed to park their bikes and scooters in an upright position so they do not impede pedestrian access. People are asked NOT to leave bikes or scooters where they are blocking sidewalks. They are also asked not to leave them in driveways, on soft surfaces, in loading zones or accessible parking zones, or on barrier-free ramps.

“Because electric scooters do not have docking stations, they can be left and picked up anywhere, which makes them easy to find and use but also to leave anywhere. On Instagram, users post images of themselves grinning, showing off and triumphant after a day of touring around.

“But among the happy photos are images of scooters crammed in trees, piled in trashcans and thrown in bodies of water. In June, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department dredged 57 scooters from the Willamette River in Portland, Ore. The Instagram account @birdgraveyard, devoted to images of damaged or destroyed scooters, has 100,000 followers,” according to an article in the Dallas Observer.

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