Why Car Mirrors Are Important

Do drivers really need car mirrors? You bet they do. One of the main reasons is better visibility. There is only so far that a driver can turn their head, and with blind spots or dirt or snow-covered back-up cameras, drivers have to rely on their car mirrors to “see” what’s happening next to and behind their vehicles. Mirrors are visual aids for drivers and they greatly enhance safe driving. Without them, the driver’s visibility is dramatically reduced. Car mirrors pick up where the human senses leave off and they show the driver what is happening outside the vehicle.

Types of Mirrors

Depending on the make and year of the vehicle, car mirrors can be automatic or manual, although most modern vehicles have automatic mirrors, which makes it even easier to use them. The most common mirrors in vehicles include the rear-view mirror, which is inside the vehicle, and the side mirrors, which are outside the driver’s door and the front passenger’s door.

Rear-view mirrors are located inside the vehicle, just above the driver’s seat. They allow drivers to see what is happening behind the vehicle. Meanwhile, side mirrors help driver’s see activities going on next to their vehicles.

“… mirrors only work well if they’re adjusted properly. The rearview mirror should show you the full view out the back window, not the rear seat, and be angled to display between the pillars on either side of the rear window.

“The side mirrors should be set to show you the view alongside on either side. When sitting straight, you shouldn’t be able to see any part of your vehicle in your side mirrors. When you’re driving, regularly “sweep” your eyes from driver’s mirror to rearview mirror, to passenger mirror to know what’s around you at all times,” according to Driving.

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