3 common defenses against drug charges

Drug charges are frustrating, especially if you don’t feel that you deserve them. There are times when officers might accuse you of drug crimes when they’re not right to do so. They might have stopped you unfairly or have violated your rights.

It’s important that you know that you have a right to a defense. You have a right to look into fighting back against unlawful searches and traffic stops as well as for accusations of drug possession when you didn’t actually possess drugs or possess them illegally.

Here are three common defenses that you may be interested in learning more about.

  1. Unlawful searches

The first defense you might be able to try is one stating that you were unlawfully searched in some way. For example, if an officer knocks on your door and has no warrant, you don’t have to give them permission to enter in most cases. If they force their way in without just cause, then you may be able to get any evidence collected removed from your case.

  1. Unlawful traffic stops

To perform a traffic stop, the officer needs to have a reason. You need to have been speeding or to meet the description of someone who was part of a hit-and-run crash, for example. If an officer pulls you over but has no reason for doing so, then they may have violated your rights. You could use this information to potentially get any case against you dropped.

  1. Not actually being in possession of drugs

Finally, the officer needs to show that you were actually in possession of drugs at the time of an arrest. So, for example, if they report that you were seen buying drugs from someone but cannot find those drugs when they search you, it would be very hard for anyone to continue building a case against you.

You deserve to build a strong defense against unfair charges

These are three defenses you may want to use in your case. The specific defense you choose will depend on the circumstances as well as the kind or kinds of drug charges that you’re facing.

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