Can I Bring a Gun in My Carry-On Luggage in Texas?

It’s no secret that Texas has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the nation and Texans take their gun rights very seriously. Even still, not everyone can possess a firearm and there are laws that prohibit people from taking firearms into certain places. One such place that has strict rules about firearms is the airport, and this is not just the case in Texas but in all airports across the nation.

In February, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on how the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had taken more loaded guns from North Texas travelers than anywhere else in the country. The situation was so bad that the TSA called North Texas the “bring-a-gun-in-your-carry-on-luggage capital of the nation.”

Can you pack firearms in your carry-on luggage in Texas? According to the TSA, you cannot pack ammunition, BB guns, cap guns, compressed air guns, or firearms in your carry-on luggage. “Firearms carried in checked bags must be unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in,” says the TSA’s website.

What Are the Penalties?

In Texas, you break the law if you bring a gun in your carry-on luggage at an airport. If you do pack a gun in your carry-on and you’re caught, you could be slapped with a third-degree felony or a Class A misdemeanor charge depending on the circumstances.

“The TSA urges travelers to make themselves familiar with state and local firearm laws for each airport they routinely travel from. In addition to whatever legal penalty offenders face, the TSA may impose up to $13,333 in civil penalties per firearm violation, with higher penalties for repeat offenders,” according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Wondering what you can and cannot bring to the airport? DFW International’s official website offers direction. For a list of what you can’t bring into the airport or on an airplane (including firearms on carry-ons), DFW says to visit the TSA’s list of prohibited items.

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