Can I Rely on a Dismissal?

When you are facing criminal charges, your heart drops, and life is put on pause as you contemplate your freedom and your future. What will happen to you, and your family if you are convicted? Where you stand, you’re at the beginning of a battle with the criminal justice system, but you have hope.

The average person knows little about criminal procedure in Texas, let alone how prosecutors work. However, the more you understand about the nature of your charges, and the tactics used by prosecutors, the better your chances of things turning out in your favor.

Truth About Dismissals

In misdemeanor and felony cases, the judge or prosecutor can decide to drop charges against someone – there are several reasons for this. For example, a case can get thrown out because there isn’t enough evidence against a defendant.

Or, the evidence could have been obtained illegally, or the statute of limitations for the crime may have expired. While it’s important to be optimistic about your charges, you don’t want to be “overly optimistic” by counting on a dismissal that may never happen – it’s just a bad idea.

Even if you think you’re facing “bogus” charges, or you feel that there’s no evidence, you don’t want to assume that your case will be dismissed. Whether or not your case goes to trial, you should definitely have a criminal defense attorney by your side.

While you may qualify for a public defender, just remember that they are overloaded with cases. Because of this burden, the best public defenders can be too quick to take a plea deal that’s not necessarily in the defendant’s best interests.

Hiring a private criminal defense lawyer will:

  • Give you peace of mind right away
  • Provide valuable knowledge and insight into your case
  • Ensure you receive the individual attention you deserve

Are you facing criminal charges in Plano or Dallas? If so, we urge you to contact our firm immediately to schedule a criminal defense consultation.

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